About Prostate On-Site Project


Prostate On-Site Project (POP) is a mission of Gene Felker, a prostate cancer survivor.

Through a routine blood test, Felker, a former pro football player (AFC Dallas Texans) and collegiate coach, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997, and underwent surgery and radiation treatments. While recuperating, he realized how little he knew about the cancer that had threatened his life, and that his lack of knowledge was typical of men his age.

To combat his deadly ignorance, he and a few friends he had made during his playing and coach days founded Sports Legends Prostate Cancer Projects, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, in 1998. Their goals were to educate men about the disease and to promote early detection.

Through various fund-raising activities and the contributions of individuals and corporations, the foundation was able to acquire and outfit a converted motorized classroom in 2003, and a fifth-wheel trailer in 2006. Firms like Robert Crist & Company, Sonora Quest and Banner Health generously provided technical and clinical assistance in outfitting and staffing, enabling POP to perform screenings at work sites and remote locations.

For more information on POP’s services and programs, visit us at www.prostatecheckup.org.

Prostate Cancer Facts

  • Prostate cancer is twice as common and has more than twice the mortality rate in African-American men as it has in Caucasian men.
  • The lifetime probability of developing prostate cancer is 1 in 6 men.
  • In Arizona, more than 4,000 new cases are diagnosed annually, resulting in nearly 600 deaths.
  • After skin cancer, it is the most diagnosed cancer in Arizona, and the second cause of cancer death in men.
According To Cancer Experts:
  • All men 40 years of age should have a digital rectal examination (DRE), and a prostate specific antigen blood test (PSA) every year.
  • Men with a family history of prostate cancer and African-American men should be offered a DRE and PSA test annually starting at age 37.
  • The 5-year survival rate for patients whose cancer is caught while still confined to the prostate is nearly 100 percent, while the 5-year survival rate for those men diagnosed with advanced cancer is only 34 percent.
  • It is important to know your PSA score every year – a sudden increase is a vital warning sign.

Employee Benefits of POP

1. Easy, Convenient, Professional
  • Appointment scheduling is simple and fast
  • Easy access at work site
  • Screening exam is completed in just 15 minutes
  • Doesn’t take up personal time
2. Reduces Procrastination
  • Most POP patients say they would not have bothered with getting their prostate exam if the Mobile Screening facility had not come to their work site.
3. Lower Cost
  • POP’s fees are lower than the average cost charged by hospitals, clinics and doctor offices, which means less co-pay or deductible for the patient.
4. Peace of Mind
  • You can’t afford NOT to know the health status of your prostate. POP lets you get checked and get going with the information you need to make smart health decisions. Your examiner’s evaluation and your PSA score will be mailed promptly to your home.

Employer Advantages of POP

1. Reduces Downtime
  • Less employee time off work – 15 minutes instead of several hours.
2. Lower Health Insurance Claims
  • On-site testing provides early warning, when disease is less expensive and time-consuming to treat.
3. Lower Fees
  • POP is less expensive than hospitals, clinics or doctor’s offices.
4. Employee Appreciation
  • POP patients value the convenience and cost saving to them, while appreciating the concern shown for their health.